Saturday, 22 December 2007

The virtual rose garden

Danton Sideways was born into Second Life about three weeks ago. I soon discovered the Confederation of Democratic Sims, and bought a house in a corner of Colonia Nova. A few days after purchasing the house, I accidently destroyed it. The plot remained depressingly empty for a few days until Sudane Erato rebuilt an identical house in its place. Thank you Sudane!

I've already been to a CDS Guild Meeting, and observed part of a Representative Assembly Meeting. When I tried to slip discretely out of the RA meeting, I got very lagged (my processor is a few years old). It took me forever to stand up, and then I suddenly flew across the room and crashed into the wall! I hope no one noticed. I had the presence of mind to teleport away immediately, instead of trying to walk down the stairs.

A word about the name of this blog, and the title of this post. I find Second Life very realistic, almost like a mirror of First Life. Which of course implies that it is more of a jungle than a rose garden. I expect to find as many hassles here as I find in Real Life. At least that way I'll be right at home!

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