Monday, 11 May 2009

Danton booted off Facebook for being "fake"

When I tried to log into Facebook today, I was shown this message:

Account Disabled
Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.

The FAQ gave the following explanations:

Why was my account disabled?
Your account was disabled because the name it was registered under was fake. We do not allow users to register with fake names, to impersonate any person or entity, or to falsely state or otherwise misrepresent themselves or their affiliations. In addition, Facebook accounts are intended for use by single individuals, so groups, clubs, businesses, or other types of organizations are not permitted to maintain accounts.

Why doesn’t Facebook allow fake names?
Facebook is built around real world interactions. Operating under an alias detracts from the value of the system as a whole. Users who operate under fake names are also prone to abuse. We take this standard very seriously and take down fake accounts as we become aware of them.

There was more in the FAQ, but the above states it clearly: Facebook considers Danton Sideways to be a fake.

Facebook seems to be a game behind in its failure to understand the reality of virtual identities.

Facebook did leave me the possibility of sending an email of appeal. Here is what I wrote: "I use this account to communicate with my many Second Life friends, whose real names are unknown to me."

I'll post their answer in the comments.


Danton said...

Here is Facebook's reply to my appeal:


Unfortunately, our systems detected that the name on your account might violate our standards. Facebook requires all profiles to be associated with a full, real name that corresponds to a single individual.

Please provide the following information, and we will gladly re-evaluate the status of your account.

First Name:
Last Name:
Primary use for account:


The Facebook Team

Danton Sideways said...

I'm still wondering how to answer.

If I give my name as Danton Sideways, and say that I want to use the account to stay in touch with Second Life avatars, then I violate the rule that says I must use my real name.

But if I give my real name, thereby admitting that Danton Sideways is a pseudonym, then I prove that I have violated the rule that says I must use my real name.

This is called a double-bind.

DD Ra said...

I have no Facebook for my RL typist, I just set one for myself in SL.
But DD Ra was too short for Facebook, so I have gone for Dandier Steel (an anagram of my RL name) to set à Facebook for DD Ra.
I am very sorry of Facebook stupid deicion, and have many Facebook friends who are from SL (their photo's are from SL) with their SLian names, none of them had this deletion problem...
Once more, being honest and overt with facebook has shown not being efficent.
I would suggest you giving your SL identity, the primary use as it is (to connect with other people in SL)... and wait and see.
And I personnaly gave the number of my second phone to facebook, witch makes my account "verified" (after aswering a SMS) maybe you could do that too.

DD Ra said...
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Starhawk said...

It's a shame I didn't see this article sooner. Facebook disabled my account back in Feb of 09 claiming it was a fake name. Where they even got the idea it was fake is beyond me. At one point they demanded valid government issued ID, while at the same time refusing to identify themself completely, including giving me a real email, address and phone number for Facebook.

Anyway, just thought you'd like to know there are more of us out here.